Hi! I’m Bridget, creator of Root to Fork.

My hope for this space is twofold: first, to connect over a love for community and cooking; and second, to share how beautiful, adventurous, and accessible plant-based food can be. 

Throughout my life, communal cooking has taught me that the act of creating something delicious has the power to inspire connection. My most poignant memories and closest friendships have been shaped by and grown through quality time in the kitchen. This has remained true throughout the several times I’ve uprooted, always forming strong bonds over sharing meals and trying out new recipes. Cooking has continuously provided me friendship, comfort, and a safe space for creativity to shine.

While my pantry staples and weekly grocery list have changed since adopting a vegan lifestyle, I have learned that plant-based cooking is neither intimidating nor daunting. Here, you’ll find recipes that primarily use pantry staples with a few new ingredients and techniques thrown in.

I’m happy you’re here and, above all, I hope that Root to Fork provides you with inspiration and encouragement to try something new!